Our Consultants

10/18/18, 9:06 AM

At Gryphondale, we believe that experience is the best teacher.

We also believe that experienced teachers and technologists make great consultants.



Dr. Roger Fuller - Dr. Fuller has a vision for education and education assessment rooted in evidence-based demonstrations of excellence. An educator for 42 years, he believes all students can succeed when given the most appropriate tools.

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Mr. Daniel Nikzad - Daniel is the system designers behind EdVillage4Me.  He wrote the original programming and has headed off to medical school.  Read More







Ms. Bette Manchester - Bette has been a long term advocate for learning with technology.  She is always one to point out that it's about the learning and not the technology.  We always keep learning first. Read More





Mr. Ben Smith - Benjamin works as our technical support guru and business manager.  He brings organization to all this connected to Gryphondale.


Mr. Michael Walker - Michael's marketing & sales experience includes eight years with Learning Networks, selling websites and FirstClass learning communities to K-12 schools in New England. in 2008, Michael co-founded a small firm specializing in the analysis of government data, including public school spending & achievement.

Mr. Jim Ford - Jim has been a teacher for 38 years and is a big advocate of the kind of learning provided or his work in the Stock Market Game as he consults across the country regarding financial literacy instruction in high school.  Read More






Mr. Runar Thorvaldsen - Runar and hsi crew have created all the programming for the website you see and for Portfolios4Me, a unique solution for creating student portfolios.  Read More.




Mr. Ron Armontrout - Ron has worked as a teacher of mathematics for over 40 years and has surely figured out new approaches to math and math instruction.  He brings a wealth of experience to Gryphondale.  Read More


Ms. Gina Fuller - Gina has been a math instructor and teacher for 42 years, and has a wide range of experience in Maine and in Los Angeles.  And yes, she is connected to Roger.  Read More




Ms. Erlene Salldin - Erlene is the organizer of the group.  Beyond her experience in education that spans over 40 years, she is also the person who keeps things on track and in focus. Read More






Mr. Scott Bosse - Scott makes the technology work He works to make sure that connections connect and servers serve. He oversees our email and contact systems as well as that all important daily backup.  Read More







Mr. Rob  Whitelock - Rob owns Palantir Infomration Systems of Canada, and he consults with us on website and information management. He has been an important part of Gryphondale since its inception. Read More

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