Our Company

11/30/16, 11:05 AM

Each school or institution has its strengths, weaknesses, and own unique needs. Gryphondale acts as a consultant, creator, coach, and friend to help produce a blended digital classroom — the best of the traditional classroom with the best of modern technology.  We believe that students learn best when they are engaged and interactive.  That interaction happens with teachers, with parents, wtih community members, with each other, and with the meaninful use of technology.


Through experimentation, and lots of experience, we've found that blended classrooms greatly enhance the academic learning process. Lesson plans posted online keep students informed; digital learning activities produce immediate feedback; teacher notes let parents know where their child stands. Everything we do and create helps further the adage, "It takes a village to educate a child." 


Sometimes we like to think that this approach is "digitally organic."


We also believe that experience matters.  Our consultants are all experienced teachers and programmers, and represent hundreds of years of experience with students and their families.  We work first to understand a school system, then to collaboratively develop a plan.  As we work with schools to coach teachers and families, we also enable the school and community in becomming self-sufficient.  In many ways, we are most happy when we complete a project.


From the get-go, Gryphondale is a different kind of company.  We are more interested in doing the best job possible rather than securing the greatest number of customers. Because we customize the fit for each school, we take the time to consult and collborate, to create and coach as each school finds the best solution. 

Our mission statement is simple.

We believe that effective digital learning redefines and energizes teaching and learning by developing students and teachers with insight, courage and the ability to solve problems - individuals who are empowered to reflect on their work as they meet challenges and create opportunities.






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