Technology In Action

10/04/16, 2:06 PM


Education is all about creating opportunities: opportunities to deepen personal understanding, opportunities to work productively with other people, opportunities to contribute to the well being of a community, however a student defines that community.


My belief is that using technology in schools extends and magnifies these opportunities, by inviting exploration outside of the classroom walls, by easily accessed mechanisms to work with others, and by enabling free flowing communication between the student and whomever they choose to communicate with.


Embarking on EduStudy2Maine will allow you to see students engaging with their learning in a meaningful and joyous way, and making use of the opportunities available. The provision of technology has made this level of engagement possible. Students use technology seamlessly in their work: it’s part of what they do, and for the most part, what they do now would not be possible without technology. Students are making the most of the opportunities afforded to them, with guidance from their teachers, and the technology, almost taken as granted, allows these opportunities to flourish.


Mr. Jim WellsOxford Hills School District - 5/4/15

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