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EdVillage4Me is unique.  You won't find anyting quite like it.


EdVillage4Me seeks to create an interactive community of learners, providing each student with the opportunity to createan e-Portfolio of his/her best work.


As you might expect, there is lots to present about EdVillage4Me.  We believe in the expression, "It takes a village to educate a child." and EdVillage creates that village in a most unique way.


This Software as a Service (SAAS) really consists of a number of customizable modules.  Because each school or institution is unique and different, each school has its own customized and crafted version of EdVillage4Me.  No two schools are exactly alike, and that's why our consultants work with you to design the best solution from all the available modules.


This is an educational ecosystem that you create to meet your school needs.  And no one is exactly the same.  Frankly, we don't want everyone to be the same.


Current available modules include the following -


Blogs - These represent highly interactive possiblities for students and teachers to write, present and discussion the issues of the classroom, the world, or the learning of the day.


Learning and Lesson Plans - Teachers can post all their lessons, assignments, and learning plans on-line. They can share them with studetns and with each other.  This means that students can always check the plans for the today, tomorrow - or when they were absent, or absent minded.  Because these plans are all shared, the school can determine who else sees them - including parents if you want.


On-Line Assessment - OLA - This module allows teachers (and students) to create quizzes, worksheets, polls, and tests which are graded immediately, providing quick and timely feedback to the students.  Teachers can set time limits, re-take options, and randomization options for all OLA options.


The Assessment and Learning Profile System - ALPS - The Assessment and Learning Profile system (ALPS) is the most unique grading program available today.  Teachers can grade student work based on tradtional point systems, or, on proficiiency based systems, or - a combination of the two. The ALPS system is designed to provide updates to studetns and parents through a "dual transcript" optoin - providing both a traditional and proficiency based transcript.


Teacher Notes - The Teacher Notes system makes keeping students, parents, and school personnel informed into a task of joy.  Teacher Notes creates a support network around every student - a safety net of adult involvment to guarantee student success.


e-Portolio - The e-Portfolio system is the crown Jewel of the EdVillage4Me module system.  The e-Portfolio module gives students an opportunity to save - and share- their best work, or thier draft work as they move toward excellence. The e-Portoflio provides students with the chance to share their work with others - friends, parents, teachers, college admissions, or job recruitment people.  It's versatile, comprehensive, and reveals the strengths of evidence-based assessment.


Messaging - EdVillage4Me is a complete learning ecosystem.  It has a full suite of messaging abilities - sending messages to all its registered users.  Given the advanced permissions settings available, as school can decide to include all parents as members of the learning community. Or, alternatively, parnest can be involved through their most frewquently used email program.  The point is - it works the way you want it to work.


Chat and Whiteboard - The full implementation of EdVillage4Me also contains a "synchronus" learning communiation system.  With chat and whiteboard capabilities, a student can "chat up" a teacher whenver they are both signed in. Chats can become classroom conversations - great for study review.  The system also has a whiteboard feature, meaning students can demonstrate math solutions to the whole class directly from their seat, the classroom, or home.



Why all this? - People and schools considering evidence-based assessment really are thinking differently.  They look to the development and quality of actual study work as indicators of student learning.  All too often, educators rely on a test-based assessment to determine what a student knows.  We beleive that students are really capable of much more than what's indicated by a test - and so we developed a model based on the ideas of "collecting," "organizing," "reflecting," and "evaluating."  We call this CORE.  We believe that CORE learning is real learning.










Think about this -

Just so, the wise educator will choose a “proper soul,” and plant in it λόγοι – words or discourse – together with knowledge. Once the words have had time to mature fully, they will produce an abundant harvest.

O'Brian, Dan &David E. Cooper. Gardening - Philosophy for Everyone.

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