Quills & Keyboards

11/21/17, 8:24 AM


In the best traditions of writing and journalism, Quills & Keyboards gives students, schools, communities, and other institutions a chance to showcase their writring. 


The system is simple, the secret is sharing.


Quills & Keyboards is a ready to use solution for the teacher, the school, or the community looking to share writing of any kind.  The software is fully customizable and Gryphondale helps you set it up, create necessary accounts and provides training to all the key persons involved.


What makes Quills & Keyboards unique is the creative approach.  Like everything else Gryphondale does, Quills & Keyboards is about sharing student (or anyone's) writing across a community.  A school or institution however decides the community of learners - it can be the classroom, the school, the city, the world.


And Quills & Keyboards is amazingly flexible. The system "behaves" like a text - with an automatically adjusting two column format, it looks like a book - and pages turn like a book.  Users can add pictures and multi-media to the text.


In many ways, Quills & Keyboards is the best digital format for a school publication.  

We have thought of a few ideas

  • Classroom Magazine
  • School Journal
  • School Newspaper
  • Literary Journal
  • Community Magazine
  • College Literary Magazine
  • Institutional Newsletter


And of course, that's just the start. 


Go ahead, take a look at a sample - Maine Currents - named in part because we have a long coastline and great rivers and lakes.


And let your imagination run wild.  Get started on that next great American novel.

Gryphondale Education Services is proud to share the first iteration of Quills and Keyboards with the state of Maine - and - everyone interested.


Take a look - Maine Currents

 Remember, as with every solution, this is customizable to meet your needs.


Think about this...

"To make the Element available to everyone, we need to acknowledge that each person’s intelligence is distinct from the intelligence of every other person on the planet, that everyone has a unique way of getting in the zone, and a unique way of finding the Element."


 Robinson, Ken and Lou Aronica. The ElementL How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. Penguin Publishing, 2009. iBooks.








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